Dirt is a completely hand drawn movie made by the French artist Luc Perez. You can find his Vimeo profile here.

The sound design in our video is not the original sound design and is exclusively a part of a school project.

As a part of the Introduction to Recording course at Sonic College, we got to make sound design for a couple of minutes of his movie. The sound design is a mix of field recording, foley recording and music, that was mixed in the main studio at Sonic College. A part of the course was to become familiar with a professional recording studio.

This piece of sound design was made together with five other students at Sonic College. Our goal was to catch the atmosphere of a big city in the music and sound design which changes into a increasingly more calm and magical mood after the tragic accident.

Alternative sound design over Luc Perez’s Dirt. from Sebastian Rostved on Vimeo.