The Acid Gloves

The Acid Gloves was a project that i made in the interaction design course at Sonic College. The task was to design and construct a device that you could use to alter some sound. It could be an instrument, a toy, or something completely different. The programming was done in MaxMSP and Ableton Live.

My initial plans for the prototype was to make a pair of gloves, which controlled the pitch, a filter and envelope on a FM synthesizer programmed in MaxMSP.
The project changed a bit during the process, because of my love for the Roland TB-303 synthesizer and the Acid genre. The final idea was to make some gloves that controlled some parameters on a simple monophonic synthesizer. It was the first time that I used MaxMSP and an arduino, so it was a highly challenging project and took a couple of weeks to finish. It was also challenging to make the physical gloves; my soldering skills were pretty bad at the time.

The project was limited by the sensors and gear that was available at the school, hence the change of my design from a FM synth to a more simple monophonic synth.

The Acid Gloves are somewhat pretty simple. The gloves has attached two bend sensors, an accelerometer and a force resisting sensor, that are hooked up to an Arduino, which is sending data into MaxMSP. The Max-patch is controlled by a Max for Live plugin. The two bend sensors control the filter cutoff and the amount of filter envelope. The force sensitive resistor controls the amount of filter and amp envelope and the accelerometer controls the filter resonance, overdrive and bitcrush. This part is really hard to control, both physically and programming wise. The physical part is to master your control of your hand. The programming was also really hard and i had to make a lot of filtering of the data, to make it work.

The overdrive and bitcrush settings definitely needs an overhaul. They increase the volume too much, when activated by the left hand. I have also thought of making the gloves into a midi-controller, so that I can control my hardware synths. I have also acquired a couple of more sensors to improve the design and the options of the gloves.

This is a screenshot of the Max for Live intrument.

Screen Shot 2015-10-23 at 09.15.48

This first video is a pitch  and demonstration video of my idea. The sound is made by a synthesizer in Ableton Live and the props is a pair of old ski gloves and a kitchen scale.

Interaktionsdesign – Pitch video from Sebastian Rostved on Vimeo.

This second video is the actual prototype in action. The video is in very bad quality and i aim to make a better video soon.

Acid Gloves Demonstration Video (240potato (sorry)) from Sebastian Rostved on Vimeo.