¨I build eurorack synthesizer modules in my spare time.

They include:
Music Thing Modular Turing Machine Mkii + Pulses expander + Voltages expander (Random looping sequencer)
RYO Ampmix (Mixer/Attenuator)
Mutable Instruments CVPal (Midi to CV/Gate/Clock converter)
Frequency Central System X Filter (Roland 100m filter clone)
Frequency Central System X Oscillator (Roland 100m oscillator clone)
Frequency Central System X Envelope (Roland 100m envelope clone)
Frequency Central Raging Bull (Moog Taurus ladder filter/VCA clone)
Synthrotek Dual VCA (Voltage controlled amplifier)
Synthrotek Mattson Buffered Multiple (Buffered multiple)
Music Thing Modular Mikrophonie (Preamp/Piezo Mic)
A simple quadruple attenuator
A dual minijack to jack modul




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