The game Delirium was made as a part of the examination in the Game Audio course at Sonic College. The first part of the project was to make a pitch/application for funding of the game. The application was sent to our educator, which had to approve it on basis of his experience.

The idea behind Delirium was to make a very simple, although still entertaining 2D platform game. The protagonist is a person lost in a endless forest. The person have to collect all the edible food in the forest to win, but some of the plants is poisonous and will hurt the protagonist. All plants are found in European temperate forests.

The game is made in Unity3D and programmed in C#. All the graphical content is painted by me and scanned into an image editing software

Some of the requirements was as follows:

  • The game had to include an adaptive mix.
  • It also had to include procedural sounds.
  • And reward sounds.

Download links (mac & pc), playthrough video and music/sounds:

Main Menu Music:

Winning Music:

Playthrough video:

Link to PC download:!FVkQBCLY

Decryption key:


Link to mac download:!VBcVjD7a

Decryption key: