Sound design for ÅF Lightning on the Culture Night 2015 in Copenhagen Botanical Garden

This assignment was a part of the examination in the composition course at Sonic College. The assignment was to make sound design for the professional lighting design company ÅF Lighting. The lighting show was a part of the Culture Night 2015 in Copenhagen.

The lighting was set up inside the palm house in the Botanical Garden of Copenhagen and a PA system was set up outside the palmhouse, so that people could watch the lighting show and listen to the sound design at the same time. Some of the trees in the garden was also lit up and some of my fellow students made sound design for the trees.

The sounddesign of the palmhouse consisted of three movements. Each with its own theme. I made the third movement with my fellow student called Laurids Kristensen. This movement was a part of the show in the big palm house and included sounds from all over the tropical climate belt. The movement starts in the night and spans a whole day in the tropics.

The following video is shot, edited and mastered by Laurids Kristensen and me.

Sound design and videos from the night: